Kefir is packed with beneficial bacteria and nutrients and very easy to make. All you need is some kefir starter cultures and for this recipe whole milk. Preferably raw organic from grass reared cows, but I do have a friend who's using organic homeganised milk and it still works.

Normally you would place the cultures in the milk, leave for 8-12 hours and strain the cultures using plastic sieve.

To make things easier I have placed the cultures in a muslin cloth and tied with a long piece of string. You need a large jar and milk. Place the cultures in the cloth, tie with string and place in jar. Cover with a pint of milk and place lid on but not tightly. I prefer to use kilner jar as I take rubber seal off while culturing so bugs etc cannot get in jar. Place in pantry or cupboard for 8-12 hrs.

Once kefir has thicken (this may take longer on first occasion until cultures adjust to your milk) remove bag of cultures and pour your freshly made kefir into an empty bottle, label and refridgerate. Replace cultures back in jar and add milk to start your next batch. If you want to slow process you can place jar in fridge to ferment.

Bear in mind these cultures continue to grow so once a month open cloth and remove some of cultures. You can give to family/ friends so they too can make their own kefir. This is great in smoothies or for fermenting oats or grains prior to cooking. If you don't know anyone you can buy off websites in most countries.

If you are sensitive to milk you can also make water kefir to get the same benefits. Enjoy ❤

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