No knead Sourdough recipe.

Good wholesome bread with no added yeast or sugar

340ml warm water (spring water or non chlorinated) 300g sourdough starter ( I have some for free if anyone wishes to try this) 500g organic bread flour 18g sea salt

Mix starter into water and stir. Add flour and mix together. Cover with cloth and rest 30 mins Mix in salt and rest again for 30 mins Mix again and turn muxture on lightly floured board. Stretch lengthways and fold one third over the other. Do this couple of times then roughly shape into bread by turning clockwise in circle.

Place in flour proving basket or bowl. Cover with plastic bag and put in fridge for 12 to 18 hrs. Take out of fridge 1 to 2 hrs before ready to bake. Place cast iron pot or baking cloche in oven. 30 mins before baking preheat oven 365 C . Take cloche out of oven , remove lid and lightly flour surface of dough. Use fingers to hold top of dough and turn over so it drops gently into cloche/pot. Make cuts with scissors on surface of dough. Replace lid and bake for 25 mins Remove lid and turn oven down to 235 C. Bake for further 20 to 25 mins depending in how brown you like crust. Remove from oven and place on cooling rack for at least an hour. Slice and enjoy

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